20 Best-Selling Vehicles in America — May Edition

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Top Sellers of 2015 . . . So Far
With another month of sales in the books, the auto industry is continuing to see positive momentum. Overall sales are holding steady at a 5.4 percent increase over the first four months of 2014. There were a few standouts in April — Jeep was the fastest-growing volume brand with sales up 21 percent year over year, and Subaru announced its 41st consecutive month of year-over-year growth. General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler/FCA group were all up for April — 5.9 percent, 5.4 percent and 5.8 percent, respectively. Here’s a look at the best-sellers in America after four months of sales, according to numbers compiled from individual auto manufacturers’ sales reports and goodcarbadcar.net.

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6 thoughts on “20 Best-Selling Vehicles in America — May Edition

  1. If GM were really concerned with who is number one in sales they would stop selling GM trucks and just sell Chevys.

  2. the thing is the f-series accounts for all of fords light and heavy duty trucks. if you combine gm’s gmc and chevy trucks the gap between the two would be a whole lot more narrow in sales between ford and gm.

  3. Ford is the only real auto/truck manufacture that is a solid American company. Government/General motors builds for the most part an inferior product on every level. $53B bailout, in the pockets of UNION!!. The other company is now owned by a foreign company..

    1. Please Paul, tell us all how the money went to the union, and how you arrived at that conclusion.Why do you have such a hard on for unions?GM provides hundreds of thousands of real jobs,the kind a person can raise a family, and live a fairly decent life.Oh yes, how could I forget,lazy good for nothing people who don,t want to work, and wait for the Union to keep their job.Paul, I tell you what,I may be wrong but,I am pretty sure if you could get a job in a car plant at a 10 year pay rate I think you just might take it.You my friend are thoroughly brain washed,I don.t want to envision the landscape if GM had went belly up.Over a million jobs Gone,not burger flipping jobs,real jobs.Paul, I never worked for GM, or any other car company,I drove a truck over 30 years,I know people who worked on union jobs,and at 63 we retired, not rich,401k,a little pension,I nor my wife of 42 years will not go hungry.Two grown college educated kids,6 grandkids, one going to college this fall.Oh yes, myself and my son served our country too.Keep on hating, It just makes you look foolish.Unions may not be perfect, but they are not the problem.

      1. I used to be a ford guy until the last two trucks I bought had so many problems. First I bought a 1976 ford f150 brand new after 56000 miles my motor blew had to get a new motor hmmmm 50,000 mile warrenty) I drove it daily no hard miles back and forth to work and to the grocery store had the oil changed every 3000 miles had it changed a month before it blew blew on me. After that like a dummy I bought a 2005 f150 nice looking truck had a lot of nice features it spent more time at the dealer getting fixed nothing but electrical problem after problem talk about a lemon. so I bought an 1986 step side chevy 454 motor and am putting the money into it to restore.

    2. Truth is that Ford took BILLIONS over the years to produce advanced electric cars and trucks yet has to produce a single one. They play the safe game. Just ask all the employees Ford sent to the chopping block before the bailouts, nearly 1/4 of its dealer status was revoked from dealers all over the US sending many into unemployment. So mr know nothing, ask the folks from Middletown Ford in Maryland ask the folks from Century Ford in Rockville Maryland….get off your high horse your an uninformed uneducated mouth

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