20 Best-Selling Vehicles in America — April Edition

3. Ram Truck
YTD Sales: 101,511
Vs. 2014: 4.8%
The Ram 1500 passed the Toyota Camry and moved into third place last year, and with continued strong sales Ram is holding onto its new position — just barely. Helping sales of the full-size pickup is a new fuel-efficient EcoDiesel that claims 28 mpg. In September Ram announced the EcoDiesel would comprise 20 percent of production.

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5 thoughts on “20 Best-Selling Vehicles in America — April Edition

  1. I spent 45 years in retail and fleet sales for a Ford dealership. After all these years it is amazing that the Ford F150 truck has been the sales leader for 38 years over all other trucks. More amazing is it is the 30 year top sales lead of all vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s. Totally amazing!!!

  2. *****5 Stars to Ford***** They made it on there own without touching any of the Obamolet Tax Payers dirty $ ! Shame on Chevrolet & Dodge !

  3. My favorite car ( the PT Cruiser ) might have been on your list if they still were making them. It has served me well.

    1. LMAO the PT Cruiser?

      One of the ugliest vehicles inside and out EVER made.

      YUCK! Get outta here with that bull.

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