10 Things You Should Never Say to a Car Dealer

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Playing Your Cars Right
It hits you — after years of putting up with the same set of wheels, you finally decide you need a new car. Following a hasty perusal of third-party auto and manufacturer websites you head to a few local dealers to pursue your dream car. Of course, once you step onto the dealer’s lot you are on their turf, in their everyday realm — a world of mysterious models, Monroney stickers, optional equipment, dealer add-ons and astute, smiling salespeople — yet you are expected to negotiate by possessing some level of automotive know-how and aplomb. You look at a couple cars and even test drive a few. When you finally sit down to talk numbers you get the big sell, and then you decide whether the price is right. Right? Well, not exactly. To help navigate the unique journey of an auto purchase, here are some things you should NEVER say to a car sales associate.

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